Terms and Conditions

By using Shopolica, you conquer with the following terms and conditions:


When signing up or creating an account in this website, we collect some vital information about you so as to make your association with us as hassle free as possible. To read more about the conditions related to privacy, kindly go through our privacy policy.


The content contained in this website, including texts, icons, images, logos, graphics, and any information whatsoever, is a copyright protected property of Shopolica.com and the suppliers of its content. It is illegal to misuse this content in any means. The software and content used has been protected by International Copyright Laws.

Site access and license

Here at Shopolica, we provide a license that is of limited access, in that, you are restricted to do some things such as making any changes to the website, or saving and downloading content without our consent. Apart from that, you are not permitted to replicate, sell or copy any part of this website at all.

If found to be associated with any prohibited act, punishment is inevitable for you and you may even end up losing your license. Therefore, do not attempt digging out data or records from this site.

Customer satisfaction

The staff and support team at Shopolica puts its best foot forward every time, especially when it comes to customer service and trying to satisfy the customers without products and services. We have always aimed to meet the expectations of our esteemed customers and if we ever fail to serve or satisfy you accordingly, please feel free to reach to us for a refund through the provided email.

Electronics communication

By electronic communication, we refer to using the email and website as a form of communication between us and the customers. If you write to us an email, we will find it genuine to contact you at any time since the means is considered as credible as a legal document. We often contact our customers through email and even uploading notices on the website.

Copyright complains

Originality is always a value we strive to uphold. Coming up with creative well thought content, we do not copy material from other sites at all. This is a policy that has been maintained over the years. However, if you feel like we have violated this in any way, you may write to us.

Customer account

You are supposed to be always accountable for everything that goes on in your account. Your personal account details including passwords are entirely your responsibility and so, if any unthoughtful act is associated with your account, Shopolica reserves all rights to terminate your account.