Privacy Policy

Before you start using our services and if you are a new customer or visitor, it is of paramount importance that you kindly go through our privacy policy carefully. This policy relates specifically to the practice of information collection and how the information is later used. Here at Shopolica, we make sure that any form of information submitted to us by our members and users is safeguarded because we understand clearly that everyone has a right to safeguard their own personal information hence we do not disclose anything about people.

The moment you use our website and share your personal details with us confirms that you have fully read and understood the terms and conditions of the privacy policy. It will act like an affirmatory to us that you completely trust and willing to comply with the terms of use of this website.

Changes to privacy policy

The various terms and conditions in the privacy policy are often subject to change in a bid to improve the services and business policies. The changes can be done or may take place without any prior notice, and expected to take effect immediately. Therefore, it is important for the members and website users to go through the privacy policy every once in a while in order to reduce the chances of being oblivious about something that has been altered with.

Types of information collected and its uses

There are two types of information collected, which is:

Personally Identifiable Information

Non-Personally Identifiable Information

Personally Identifiable Information

This is vital information since it is used to recognize a specific end user. All the information you fill in when creating your account, filling a particular survey, placing an order or even writing some content is part and pasture of the personal identifiable information. It is therefore compulsory to fill in your personal details when asked to since it will be used to provide you with the goods and services, improve our promotional activity, marketing services, and website operation. Apart from that, it may be used for administrative purposes, to contact you and even to resolve any form of conflict.

Non-personally identifiable information

This is entirely different from the personally identifiable information since it is not specifically end user. It is information that includes the time and date of use, IP address, the type of operating system being used and even the type of browser being used. The use of this is to analyze trends, for troubleshooting options, for website administration and gathering demographic information every once in a while.

Release of the information

Personally identifiable information

Apart from the ‘third party service provider,’ your personal details will not be shared out to anyone. The third party service providers have an important task to carry out since they are the ones who help out with some of the background tasks and processes like the delivery of products or distribution of mails. Also, the personal information may be disclosed for legal processes if the law requires it.

Non-personally identifiable information

This information can be shared to associates, advertisers and even affiliates and is used to collect demographic or promotional information and even to publish aggregated statistics. The third party service providers and advertisers also use this information for their own analysis purposes. It is important to note that none of the disclosed information will interfere with our users’ private privacy,

Updating information

Always feel free to update your personal information and any other information that is under your responsibility. Please access this by logging in to your account.

Tracking data

Cookies: cookies are used in order to provide you an awesome site surfing experience. The way we use cookies is similar to the way they are used by other e-commerce portals. They help us know your interests and are stored in your computer’s browser operating system. We kindly request you not to disable the cookies since this may hinder your smooth operation in the website.

Other tracking devices: There are also some other commonly used technologies used such as web beacons and pixel tags which track the users activities in the site. Graphic images in the website are also used to observe the actions undertaken by users. These are used to improve or measure traffic on the site.

Security of information

Protection of our customers’ information is of key importance to us since the most valuable and treasured organ of this whole organization is our dear customers, without whom, everything would be useless. We have always taken strict measures to preserve your personal information and keep it undisclosed. Apart from us, you are the only other person who can access your personal details. Sensitive information including payment details is encrypted in order to transmit the information safely to us. It is up to you not to give out your login details to anyone. It is up to you to trust these sentiments at your own risk since we cannot guarantee complete error free operation.

Privacy policies of third party websites

The privacy policy provided here only applies to the information we have collected from you. All the other websites accessible through our website have their own privacy policies and terms and conditions which don’t apply here. Basically, we are not in any means, to be considered responsible for any practice or action of the third party websites.

Miscellaneous privacy issues
We strictly operate or handle people who are aged 18 and over. If at all you are a minor, we suggest that you do not sign up using a deceptive identity, neither should you try impersonating someone else who is an adult. Request an adult to help you make a purchase.

There are places set apart in the website where you can review products publicly and even post comments and information. Such avenues are open for all. We are not responsible for the safe guarding of any provided information in these platforms.

Want to quit

If at any point you feel like you don’t want to receive any more promotional content or emails; or rather you want to suspend or permanently delete your account, feel free to contact us through the provided email and we will be free to assist you.